«Branco reveals a musician of undeniable talent, whose steps should continue to monitor». Album «Branco» review on Jazz.Pt Magazine

«"Branco" reveals a musician of undeniable talent, whose steps should continue to monitor . " by António Branco in the online journal Jazz.PT.

António Branco, about the album "BRANCO", on the online magazine "Jazz.pt" wrote :

" In recent years there has been a marked trend evident - that , however, comes very back - in the city of Oporto be lavish in providing musicians and discs value to national jazz. A substantial part of this work has been developed by Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra and the Porta-Jazz Association, and, within this, the publisher Porta-Jazz Stamp, whose catalog continues to swell in volume and quality .

The latest example is "Branco", the debut album in his own name the bassist and songwriter Miguel Ângelo. Degree in Double Bass / Jazz by the School of Music , Arts and Entertainment ( ESMAE ) Porto, Miguel Ângelo was already a well-known musician in the^Porto scene , although only just - and in good time - their work gets to know more visibility and recognition extended. Beyond the unquestionable technical merit as instrumentalist, also exposes the compositional aspect, signing the entire program.

"Branco" compiles the pieces composed since 2009 and that mirror an entire previous route, and academic collaboration with various formations, crossing diverse influences. The group that accompanies the bass in this first album is complete with João Guimarães on alto saxophone, Joaquim Rodrigues in acoustic and electric pianos and Marcos Cavaleiro on drums.

The quartet displays in good plan, valuing a writing that enhances individual creativity as a key mechanism for the development of the overall Group sound. The saxophonist, with his mature sound and her beautiful timbre, leaves an indelible mark on all parts and claims other flights. Joaquim Rodrigues shows consistent support either in harmonic comping and soloist plan. Cavaleiro is a more complete drummer, so skilled to meet dynamic rhythmic accents like delicate drawing, developing an interaction accomplice sometimes subliminal , with the bass.

Miguel Ângelo shows clear preference for average and sober times, melodically exquisite rigor and soaked in the language of jazz, although the brand of rock to emerge here and there, camouflaged in the field more conceptual than in concrete form assumed by the compositions .

Senses - though, at times, that the addition of any formal freedom could perhaps be beneficial and incrementasse wealth pen, especially the exploitation of more pronounced contrasts. The gravitational center of the disk appears to position itself in the piece that gives it its title, with its solemn beginning and undulating melodic development, looming lines drawn by saxophonist and delicacy of the work of the drummer.

Interesting is also "Cem" in the dance between piano and saxophone never ceases to bring to mind the dual Pinho Vargas / Nogueira. In "Tramal" ( an allusion to the drug with the same name) Miguel Ângelo remembers " bassist" Eberhard Weber, supporting fluid and graceful pianism of Rodrigues. Notes still for bright "Maior" and " Já não voltas!" ballad aftertaste "vintage" sweetened by the saxophone and bass achieved intervention .

" Branco" reveals an undeniable talent musician, whose steps should continue to follow . "

Link: http://www.jazz.pt/ponto-escuta/2013/11/19/miguel-angelo-branco-carimbo-porta-jazz/