MAU (Miguel Ângelo Utopia) is the new project led by double bass player Miguel Ângelo. MAU is composed by: Miguel Ângelo - Doublebass, Miguel Moreira - Guitar and Mário Costa - Drums.

UTOPIA is the title of this MAU trio´s debut album. You can listen and buy it here!

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MAZAM (2020)

In his most recent original project, Mortágua explores the characteristics of the quartet with piano, joining an emblematic rhythmic section, in favor of a fresh and refined product. Without filters, you cry the sorrow of the seaside and laugh in the face of joy on the mountain. This space is made of everything and nothing. It is not, MAZAM.

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Interview by António Branco @

The bassist and composer Miguel Ângelo returned to the albums in his own name with a new project, MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia. In this work, and starting from the great work of Englishman Thomas More, the musician assumes an attitude of intervention and counterpoint in the face of the current political panorama. In a long conversation, wanted to know what is on your mind. (by António Branco).

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«This trio is remarkable and shines high. All its members are accommodated without crossing the space of the partner and collaborate as a single instrument.» @ La Habitacion del Jazz by José Ramón

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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)


«For a record with such an idealist title, the music sounds surprisingly menacing.» @ by Friedrich Kunzmann

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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)


«Miguel Ângelo´s Utopia with Miguel Moreira and Pedro Melo Alves replacing Mário Costa (the CD´s drummer) resulted in another of the best concerts of the event» @ by Eduardo Paes

in Report of the Porta-Jazz Jazz Festival (7, 8 and 9 February 2020).

UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)


«The group announces itself as Utopia, but its music does not live up to its name, it is not unattainable: the musical encounter of Ângelo, Moreira and Costa is real and this music is fluid and captivating.» @ by Nuno Catarino

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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)


**** “...It may seem utopian to make coincide reality with fate and improvisation with composition, but that is what makes the trio MAU...” @ TimeOut Porto, by RCF

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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)




23/01/2021 @ Quintal Porta-Jazz
Miguel Ângelo Quarteto


20/02/2021 @ Quintal Porta-Jazz
Pedro Neves Trio


26/02/2021 @ Salão Brazil


27/02/2021 @ Festival de Jazz Setúbal