Miguel Ângelo Quartet

Great news!

Dança dos Desastrados will be the Quartet´s new album. It is already recorded and I am very happy with the result.

Of course, I still count on the enormous João Guimarães, on sax; Joaquim Rodrigues on Piano and Marcos Cavaleiro on drums.

Thanks to the GDA Foundation (Management of the Rights of Artists) for the support it has given me and which makes it possible to carry out the project (www.gda.pt).

Stay tuned, soon there will be more news...


MAU (Miguel Ângelo Utopia) is the new project led by double bass player Miguel Ângelo. MAU is composed by: Miguel Ângelo - Doublebass, Miguel Moreira - Guitar and Mário Costa - Drums.

UTOPIA is the title of this MAU trio´s debut album. You can listen and buy it here!

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MAZAM (2020)

In his most recent original project, Mortágua explores the characteristics of the quartet with piano, joining an emblematic rhythmic section, in favor of a fresh and refined product. Without filters, you cry the sorrow of the seaside and laugh in the face of joy on the mountain. This space is made of everything and nothing. It is not, MAZAM.

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Utopia, suggestion of the week by Nuno Rogeiro, at Sic Notícias.

The album Utopia as a suggestion of the week by the commentator Nuno Rogeiro, in the TV network Sic Notícias...
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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)


Land, MAZAM, in the lists of best records of 2020 (Notas Azuis and Jazz.pt)

Land, MAZAM in the best 10 national jazz records, according to Rui Miguel Abreu of the website Rimas e Batidas:
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In the list of the best of 2020 on the jazz.pt magazine
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LAND  |  MAZAM (2020)


«... It is true that Portuguese jazz is too small to speak of“ super-groups ”, but if they existed this would be one of them.» @ aformadojazz.com by Nuno Catarino

Land, MAZAM by Nuno Catarino from A forma do Jazz:
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LAND  |  MAZAM (2020)


«... It remains now to hope that more discographic projects can flourish in that“ land ”because the promise of this debut is too exciting for the quartet to quit here.» @ Blue Notes by Rui Miguel Abreu

Land, MAZAM by Rui Miguel Abreu from Rimas e Batidas:
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LAND  |  MAZAM (2020)


«This trio is remarkable and shines high. All its members are accommodated without crossing the space of the partner and collaborate as a single instrument.» @ La Habitacion del Jazz by José Ramón

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UTOPIA  |  MAU - Miguel Ângelo Utopia (2019)




21/07/2021 @ Festival de Jazz de Viseu
MAU (with Mário Delgado)


24/07/2021 @ Festival de Jazz Setúbal