MAU is the new project led by bass player Miguel Ângelo.

MAU members are:
Miguel Ângelo - Double bass and composition
Miguel Moreira - Guitars
Mario Costa - Drums

Utopia, the island idealized by Thomas More, where social and political perfection was attained, served as a philosophical motto to the creation of this group, that is, creative freedom and individuality combined and functioning in a utopian, perfect way, as it was idealized on the island of Thomas More. This is the goal!

The trio focuses their attention on music, whether improvised or even when the fallow part of a score written in a conventional way, MAU always assumes that everything is possible and that, who defines the rules, it is always the music and the aesthetic concept of each of the elements of the trio.

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UTOPIA is the debut CD of this MAU (BAD) trio. According to one of several definitions of the word created by Thomas More, UTOPIA is a system or plan that seems unrealizable. = FANTASY, CHIMERA, DREAM ( in Dictionary Priberam of the Portuguese Language ).

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This is the assumption of this album, that each theme written or improvised is the sincere and intentional expression of each element of the trio and the sum produces the Utopia of the accomplished thing!

The album it was recorded at studio Casa do Miguel, on 12 and 13 of February, by Miguel Ângelo, mixed by Miguel Ângelo and Nelson Carvalho, Mastered my Nelson Carvalho.
Thanks to Omnisonic International Lda (www.omnisonic-international.com) for the support.



Utopia, suggestion of the week by Nuno Rogeiro, at Sic Notícias.

The album Utopia as a suggestion of the week by the commentator Nuno Rogeiro, in the TV network Sic Notícias...
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«This trio is remarkable and shines high. All its members are accommodated without crossing the space of the partner and collaborate as a single instrument.» @ La Habitacion del Jazz by José Ramón

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«For a record with such an idealist title, the music sounds surprisingly menacing.» @ allaboutjazz.com by Friedrich Kunzmann

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«Miguel Ângelo´s Utopia with Miguel Moreira and Pedro Melo Alves replacing Mário Costa (the CD´s drummer) resulted in another of the best concerts of the event» @ Jazz.pt by Eduardo Paes

in Report of the Porta-Jazz Jazz Festival (7, 8 and 9 February 2020).


«The group announces itself as Utopia, but its music does not live up to its name, it is not unattainable: the musical encounter of Ângelo, Moreira and Costa is real and this music is fluid and captivating.» @ Aformadojazz.com by Nuno Catarino

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**** “...It may seem utopian to make coincide reality with fate and improvisation with composition, but that is what makes the trio MAU...” @ TimeOut Porto, by RCF

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UTOPIA was considered one of the best jazz albuns from 2019 by Jazz.pt magazine

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«...First comes the application, then the theory is announced. It should always be like this, but it isn´t, and the fact that this disc reverses the terms is halfway to its success…» @ Jazz.pt by Rui Eduardo Paes

Utopia review by Rui Eduardo Paes, jazz.pt:
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Teaser MAU


MAU Teaser #2

Cut & Paste, from live concert

Éden & Rafael Hitlodeu (live)

Thomas vs More (live)

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21/07/2021 @ Festival de Jazz de Viseu
MAU (with Mário Delgado)



20/11/2019 @ Auditório da FEUP
Concerto de Lançamento de UTOPIA by MAU

Apresentação do disco de estreia do Miguel Ângelo Utopia trio (MAU).
Será no auditório da FEUP, pelas 21h30. Entrada Livre.
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10/01/2020 @ Barcelos, Jazz ao Largo


09/02/2020 @ Porto, Festival Porta-Jazz


07/03/2020 @ Ciclo de Jazz de Valença


28/08/2020 @ Jazz ao Relento (Palácio de Cristal, Porto)
MAU Utopia



08/01/2021 @ Salão Brazil


21/03/2021 @ Live Stream Maratona PortaJazz


11/07/2021 @ CriaJazz - Leiria


21/07/2021 @ Festival de Jazz de Viseu
MAU (with Mário Delgado)


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