Rui Fernandes Quartet (2022)

The musician Rui Fernandes presents the double disc “A Viola Amarantina” as a tribute to this string instrument originally from Amarante and also called the viola of two hearts due to the two front openings in the shape of a heart.

The double disc offers two clear listening options: listen to all the songs solo, where Rui Fernandes exposes the sound of this instrument exploring it timbrally or listen in a quartet version for which arrangements were made for 9 compositions and the musicians invited: Pedro Neves , piano, Miguel Ângelo, double bass and Ricardo Coelho, percussion.

The final result is surprising and unique since this work opens a path that has never been done so far, where several styles and many influences intersect and where it is clear that Viola Amarantina, in addition to a “velvety” sound, has a extraordinary versatility and cannot and should not be “hostage” to the label attached to traditional music. It is a Portuguese viola to be useful to world music.