Pedro Neves Trio (2022)

According to Buddhism, “hindrances” constitute the various obstacles that prevent peace of mind and mental clarity.

Portuguese pianist Pedro Neves ponders this concept on his fourth trio album (Hindrances, out October 19th), inspired by an imaginary journey to the mountain top.

Reflection and contemplation take centre-stage with eight original compositions which explore new structures and sound environments in the ‘jazz-meets-chamber’ path forged by players like Bill Evans, Keith Jarrett and Brad Mehldau.

Accompanied by the rhythmic richness of José Marrucho on drums and the musical complicity built with bassist Miguel Angelo over several years of friendship, the music is imbued with a spirit of relaxedness and the idea that – perhaps as in life – less is sometimes more.

This is not a pedestrian trek though; the performance possesses flashes of energetic improvisation, hard swing and rhythmically dextrous melodies, whilst displaying a maturity that leaves the ego far below them.

released October 19, 2022

Pedro Neves - Piano
Miguel Ângelo - Double bass
José Marrucho - Drums