Sónia Pinto (2022)

The author is inspired by the Japanese technique Kintsugi, in which valuable broken pieces are repaired with gold and not discarded, to send a message of hope and resilience to all who have seen their lives broken, suspended and postponed by a health crisis. publish.

The disc speaks of the cracks caused by the fall, and of recovery and hope in the near future.

“Repair”, “Chaos” and “Ode to freedom”, are the original themes, with lyrics by the singer and music written in co-authorship with Pedro Neves, also arranger and co-producer of this work. It is also worth mentioning the particularity of the singer having included in this EP, “Wonderful Life”, a theme by Black from 1987, with the very special participation of Rodrigo Pinto, on trumpet.

Repair was recorded and is presented live in a quartet, with Pedro Neves on piano, Miguel Ângelo on double bass and Leandro Leonet on drums, musicians who accompany the singer in the usual stimulating dynamic of creativity, sweetness and also some irreverence.