Carlos Mendes Quartet (2012)

An album is, in a sense, as a solo: creates and justifies its own coherence. Its accession to the context that gave rise gives you the necessary bond to tradition; their own proposals, specific attribute her individuality without which it would not make sense to have it produced.

This cd recorded on a moment that seemed meaningful, relevant, in pursuit of that balance. Register a time when the link to the tradition seemed real enough and plural - because inserting explicitly the aesthetics of Jazz, our cultural roots underlie however the way they sound. And where the interaction of individuals who matured during preparation resulted naturally in individuality of the project . In short, records a time when our sound issue seemed relevant enough to be shared and personalized enough to be worth giving him our voice.

Carlos Mendes: Guitar
Paulo Barros: Piano
Miguel Ângelo: DoubleBass
Mário Costa: Drums

Editora Numérica

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Estórias (Oito, Por Quatro) [Carlos Mendes Quarteto] - Carlos Mendes, Paulo Barros, Miguel Angelo & Mario Costa