Ensemble Super Moderne (2014)

With solid and recognized musical paths, eight musicians come together to explore different ways of narrating, improvise and interact musically. From a strong compositional component that can bring so many good influences as possible, Ensemble Moderne Super stands out for having no sound but several.

The concept of an aesthetic line as a unifying element of the project disappears, giving way to that Ensemble Moderne Super clearly identifies himself not to take advantage of any music in particular.

José Pedro Coelho – saxofone tenor, soprano e clarinete
Rui Teixeira – saxofone barítono e clarinete baixo
José Soares – saxofone alto
Paulo Perfeito – trombone
Luís Eurico – guitarra
Carlos Azevedo – piano e sintetizadores
Miguel Ângelo – contrabaixo e baixo elétrico
Mário Costa – bateria

Link: www.ensemblesupermoderne.com