Miguel Ângelo Solo (2017)

I think I´m going to eat dessert refers to that moment after the main course, in which we have to decide whether to eat that additional dish which, although it is dispensable in nutritional terms, it is justified only by the pleasure of satisfying our need for sugar or additional taste sensations. This album is a bit of this, they are mostly moments of pure improvisation, unrepeatable, which, for me, make musical and emotional sense.

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Recorded and mixed at studio CASA DO MIGUEL, by Miguel Ângelo.
Mastered by Nelson Carvalho

Special Thanks to the usual people, to all who support, believe and push me in different and best ways. A very special thanks to my loves Ana, Sofia and all the family; to João Guimarães and Marcos Cavaleiro for the encouragement; to Ernesto Rodrigues, Creative Sources Recordings; to Carlos Santos for the cover design; to Nelson Carvalho and João Neves (Omnisonic International Ltd).

Creative Sources Records