Carlos Peninha (2019)

Guitarist and composer, Carlos Peninha was born in Viseu in 1962. After three decades of artistic work in several areas, Peninha made his debut as a leader with the album Tocar o Chão, published in 2017, where he explored the song format in connection with Portuguese poetry. Now, on the second album, Ponto de Vista, Peninha invests in an admittedly jazzy project.
This new album Peninha (guitars and Rhodes) is accompanied by three of the most notable musicians of the current national jazz scene: João Mortágua on alto and soprano saxophones, Miguel Ângelo on contrabass and Marcos Cavaleiro on drums. There is also a guest, Luísa Vieira, who contributes with transversal flute and voice on two themes.
The music recorded here was composed by Peninha at different times, between 1987 and 2018, and the author states that "it intends to take a free approach, so that this record captures the spontaneity of a new reading". The disc reveals a set of compositions well served by collective involvement, producing solid work. Point of View can be heard on Bandcamp.

Nuno Catarino
April 11, 2020

Carlos Peninha - Guitars and Rhodes (Guitars and Rhodes)
João Mortágua - Alto and Soprano Saxophones (Alto and Soprano Sax)
Miguel Ângelo - Double Bass (Double Bass)
Marcos Cavaleiro - Drums (Drums)

Special guest:
Luísa Vieira - Transverse Flute (5) and Voice (10) (Flute and Voice)

Recorded on July 15, 16 and 17, 2019 at the CDM studio.
Produced by Carlos Peninha
Capture, mixing and mastering - Miguel Ângelo
Technical support and recording in additional recordings - Miro Carvalho.
Photography- Rafael Farias and Carlos Peninha
Graphic Edition - Mariana Marques

Edited on Physical CD on 12/08/2019 in Viseu Portugal