MAZAM (2022)

Some of the most interesting artists of the Porto jazz scene in Portugal, namely João Mortágua, Carlos Azevedo, Miguel Ângelo and Mário Costa, join forces as the band Mazam to celebrate the idea of path, discovery and adventure. But if you understand this purpose as a way to deal with factors concerning process and its complexities, this concept comes with a surprise: “Pilgrimage” is all about playing, and in the double sense of the word. Playing an instrument to create music and playing with toys or games like children do. The quartet even quote violinist and philosopher Stephen Nachmanovitch to highlight this approach: “Musicians play with sound and silence. Eros plays with lovers. Gods play with the universe. Children play with everything they can get their hands on.” Acting as kids, these four amazing musicians use simple motives to arrive at unexpected places, as far from the starting points as you can (not!) imagine.

released March 18, 2022

João Mortágua alto & soprano saxophones
Carlos Azevedo piano
Miguel Ângelo doublebass
Mário Costa drums

All music by MAZAM

Recorded September 2020 at CARA studios, Matosinhos, by João Bessa assisted by Nuno Couto | Mixing and mastering by João Bessa | Carlos Lopes: patch Max/MSP (on SCHISM)
Produced by MAZAM | Executive production by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Design by Travassos

all rights reserved


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