After released “BRANCO", the group´s debut album, in 2013, and the album “A VIDA DE X”, in 2016, Quarteto, led by bassist and composer Miguel Ângelo, now promotes the third work of the quartet - “DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS”.

Based on possible Traditional Dances, real or imagined, this is the proposal of the music group to listen, feel and dance, even for the most “clumsy”.

About the digital project

The arts complement each other, intersect, run over each other and in conjunction allow for new achievements and realities. For this reason, the double bassist and composer, who is also a computer programmer, allied himself with the graphic artist Maria Mónica, author of the album´s cover and, from the music and cover of the album, created a new digital “autonomous” world, game, landscape and / or virtual reality so that music, design and technology enhance the sensory experience of the listener / interlocutor (a).

Create your world HERE.

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With the support of Fundação GDA.


Dança dos Desastrados on «The Best Jazz on Bandcamp - June 2021» - «On Dança dos Desastrados, every note, every beat has a melodic perspective in mind. This is not a new thing for Miguel Ângelo. The bassist has a talent for establishing epic dialogues on the strength of his flowing melodic statements.» @ Bandcamp by Dave Sumner

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DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS  |  Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)


«Obviously the group exhibits a perfect collective understanding...This understanding of the four musicians, honed in the studio for nearly a decade and shown live on several occasions, allows this to be a vivid album of poetic dancing fantasies.» @ Notas Azuis on Rimasebatidas.pt by Rui Miguel Abreu

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DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS  |  Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)


Live on the program «Bom Dia» on national television RTP1 talking about the Dança dos Desastrados

DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS  |  Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)


OUTDOOR BREATHING JAZZ - «Throughout the album, you can hear a band that breathes as a single, accomplice entity.» @Jornal de Notícia by Jorge Manuel Lopes

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DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS  |  Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)


Dança dos Desastrados as a listening suggestion for the week of commentator Nuno Rogeiro on Sic Notícias

DANÇA DOS DESASTRADOS  |  Miguel Ângelo Quartet (2021)




01/10/2021 @ tba
Dança dos Desastrados


02/10/2021 @ Festival de Jazz de Dos Hermanas (Sevilla, Spain)
Dança dos Desastrados


03/10/2021 @ Clube de Tavira
Dança dos Desastrados


04/10/2021 @ tba
Dança dos Desastrados


05/10/2021 @ Setúbal - Sociedade Musical de Setúbal
Dança dos Desastrados


06/10/2021 @ Robalo - Penha sco (Lisboa)
Dança dos Desastrados


10/10/2021 @ Paredes de Coura
Dança dos Desastrados


29/10/2021 @ Museu do Douro
Sónia Pinto Quarteto